Compass Quality Assurance Programme (CQAP)

A consultancy service designed specifically to meet your needs

Central to any meaningful and ongoing quality assurance mechanism is the need for clear objectives and a sense of direction. The Compass Quality Assurance Programme (CQAP) is a bespoke initiative especially designed to provide a clarity of focus with a view to ensuring robust standards that are both aspirational and achievable. CQAP is value driven and strives to ensure that the existing institutional standards, processes and procedures are thoroughly appraised and evaluated.

Through its holistic approach CQAP seeks to gain a comprehensive appreciation and understanding of the prevailing organisational culture as a means for identifying areas of strength as well as those aspects that might require additional emphasis, revision or resources. CQAP provides an exacting framework by which to measure progress and the degree of institutional buy-in to the goals and objectives set by those in leadership roles.

By engaging with diverse stakeholders, the programme provides an essential means to appreciate the current institutional dynamic with the aim of helping chart the future direction of travel and ensuring as wide an understanding of what is required to reach a given point or standard. Due cognizance is taken of existing national quality assurance standards and frameworks, whilst ensuring that international criteria are drawn upon in order to consolidate an appreciation of the value of benchmarking. Essentially, CQAP provides direction and focus that is based on evidence, appraisal and experience.

Drawing on our unparallel wealth of experience in the Higher Education Sector, our network of specialist consultants can provide expert advice on all areas of best practice within the HE sector.

Compass programme designed around you

Whether you would wish to set up world class quality assurance framework to meet regulatory requirements, enhance student and staff experience, or want experts to advise on how to secure international accreditation, it makes sense to use experienced professionals. CQAP’s ability to draw upon international specialists in their field enables it to have strength in depth. Furthermore, professional detachment ensures that observations, interviews and other means to gather relevant data are carried out in a manner that engenders trust and helps various parties feel at ease with the quality assurance programme.

Areas of consultancy services

The design, delivery and oversight of CQAP is carried out by a specialist international team. The inspectors bring together a wealth of experience, as well as in-depth knowledge and understanding of higher education providers across the globe. Allocated to different aspects of the process, they invest time to fully appreciate an institution’s culture, aims and objectives in order to ensure that the quality assurance process is robust, searching and better able to provide meaningful insights that can be acted upon.

Our consultants can offer specialist assistance and guidance on the following areas:

  • Developing a world class quality assurance framework for your institution
  • Achieving international accreditation and partnership with reputable universities
  • Advising government and other regulatory bodies on HE Quality Assurance
  • Support major organisational change
  • Helping secure programme and short-courses validation/accreditation
  • Benchmark institutional performance
  • Setting up assessment mechanism, auditing and monitoring systems
  • Higher Education Research
  • Staff training on teaching & learning
  • Institutional leadership training programmes
  • Academic Governance
  • Bespoke workshops
  • External Quality Assurance reviews
  • Appointment of External Examiners

Our approach

Our consultants will work closely with your institution to deliver practical solutions to address your needs and priorities. We will work with you to identify the needs, offer the best solutions to fulfil those needs at various level whether it is at broad institutional, departmental level or to help implement a specific aspect of a quality assurance system. Our approach can be both focused or blended. We always use the following steps to help you and your institution to achieve objectives:

  • Needs identification and benchmarking with best practice
  • CQAP focused planning & preparation
  • Implementation & monitoring
  • Measuring success
  • Recommendations

Benefits of using our services
  • Access to an international team of quality assurance specialists
  • CQAP is tailored to meet individual institutional needs
  • A range of high impact products and services
  • The ability to engage with solutions orientated consultants
  • An opportunity to consolidate and strengthen institution wide standards
  • Be able to gain fresh insight and perspectives on perennial challenges
  • Secure access to a strong and credible network of HE practitioners
  • Be helped to affect positive and meaningful change
  • Gain reassurance from working with discrete and empathetic professionals
  • Develop a clearer sense and understanding of what need to be future priorities

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